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Name:Amalgamate Meme Community
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Without warning, the feeling in your body numbs to the point of paralysis. Unable to move, you find yourself trapped in a vortex. Everything around you spirals into nothingness and you black out. Upon waking up, you find yourself in a foreign world surrounded by unfamiliar landmarks. No one seems to recognize you, and likewise, no one is recognizable. Throughout town, posters of propaganda can be found bearing the request of any and all eligible bodies to sign up for the military to help lead the cause in Elsweit’s success. Anyone with magical abilities is promised high pay and more benefits than they know what to do with. Anyone willing to undergo the Alchemic Ore project will have their families taken care of regardless of success.

Then there’s you, who knows nothing of this warring nation and its need to expand. There are others like you, who were summoned from other worlds in order to fight for this one. Like you, the summon wasn’t quite successful and you are able to blend in with the public. Whether you join the military for better or for worse, methods of returning home are unknown, and the Empress Asha seems to show no interest in helping the return of magicless citizens who are caught up in the summoning draft.

Amalgamate is a Panfandom Fantasy-War roleplay leisure game where characters can choose to ally with Elsweit or find a way to Ceiolia. With their influence, they can attempt to bring both nations to peace, or help one win over the other. Players are offered flexible plot driven opportunities where they’re allowed to help lead to outcomes.
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